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Executive Committee 2016-2017

The members of the Executive Committee are elected every two years for a term of two years.  


Mary Ann Gould (2016-2018)

Senior Vice President

Laurie Browngoehl (2016-2018)


Steve Granoff (2015-2017)

Recording Secretary

James Meyer (2016-2018)

Financial Secretary

Nancy Bloomfield (2015-2017)

At-Large Member

Shannon Farmer (2016-2018)

At-Large Member

Margaret Husick (2016-2018)

Immediate Past President

Emily Mendell (2016-2018)


Board of Trustees 2016-2017

General Board meetings are usually held on the third Wednesday of the month and are open to all congregants who wish to attend. Every June we hold an open congregational meeting to review and approve the budget for the next fiscal year. All congregants are invited and encouraged to attend. All Board positions are volunteer positions. Half of the Trustees are elected every year for a term of two (2) years.


Board Member Term
Eric Lieberman 2015-2017
Evalyn Elias 2015-2017
Ira Kedson 2015-2017
Jeff Farhy Alternate
Evan Gold Alternate
Nancy Hays 2015-2017
Jennifer Morgan 2015-2017
Mark Albero 2016-2017
Melissa Fein 2016-2018
Susan Friedman 2016-2018
Beverly Granoff 2016-2018
Michael Richardson 2016-2018
Terri Watson 2016-2018


Auxiliary Representatives
Brotherhood Mitch Wolfson
Hilltoppers Cynthia Meyer
Sisterhood Barbara Barr